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In the District of Columbia, there is a need to maintain innovative, structured Performing Arts year-round projects for gifted and talented youth during the after-school training hours. Such projects serve to improve the academic (school-based) and career occupational (work-based) skills needed for the under-represented youth through comprehensive, tailored and integrated independent program designs.

Due to the lack of awareness, there exist untapped and dormant reservoirs of “raw” performing arts talent among the District’s area youth, who meet the federal low-income guidelines and are at-risk of delinquent behavior. The DC Department of Employment Services Youth Employment referral system will ensure that the Friends outreach process reach the East of the River youth that normally would not receive or be involved in a Performing Arts Prevention year-round project of this caliber.

To accomplish this, we combine academic and performing arts learning techniques to improve secondary youth literacy deficiencies. We operationally defined those learning skills to be reading comprehension and vocabulary development, English grammar and composition, and general mathematics and word problems. Also, develop basic employment skills and reduce delinquent acts through a host of independent career and delinquency prevention/intervention workshops.


The Friends offers Academic Remediation Services & Technical Computer Graphics training during the Summer and seven (7) performing art career courses that integrate academics (English, Mathematics, and Science), and career skills that will also serve to reduce delinquency behavior directed to at-risk and high-risk youth, ages 14-26 as defined as meeting the federal poverty guidelines:

  1. Each performing arts course meets the District of Columbia Public School Systems (DCPS) current content standards and expected benchmarks. Therefore, participants will acquire improvements in their selected career occupation, academics and work-readiness and life skills, all while avoiding delinquent activity.
  2. This Performing Arts Youth year-round project has been specifically designed to: integrate work-based (performing arts occupations) and school-based (academics) proficiencies of gifted and talented District youth, who meet federal low-income guidelines and are at-risk of delinquent/violent activities to ensure improvement in their academic, employment and career competencies through three (3) independent semester-based (fall / spring / summer) program designs.
  3. The program designs consist of: two independent pre-occupational learning experiences (po/l) scheduled for the fall and summer seasons, and a Spring Saturday Academy . Each po/l has been designed to establish strong employment and occupational learning skills for gifted and talented participants, at-risk of becoming delinquent who are interested to pursue careers in the field of Performing Arts. The Saturday Academy program offers detailed academic remediation and career preparedness training services that is tailored to improve each participant’s school-based and work-based weaknesses, as well as prevent/reduce delinquent behavior.
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