1. Wanda Kay Gabriel says:

    I am interested in serving as a member of the Friends of the Carter Barron Foundation. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • admin says:

      Hello –
      Thanks for your interest. We will be contacting you by the first week of October as we are currently hard at work on the upcoming Mini Concert Series. We look for to talking with you then!

      Stay Well!

  2. DCDJ says:

    Have you thought about selling prints online like the sign in the first slide? I’m sure DC history buffs like myself would purchase it.
    Thank you for your commitment to CBA and good luck with the concerts!

  3. Wanda Kay Gabriel says:

    The History of the Carter Barron is a great page but was hard to find. Recommend adding the “history” as a sub-bullet under Home or About Us. Otherwise, it is easily missed.

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